Safer Travels is a unique training company dedicated to all travellers from the young and  inexperienced  to those who travel regularly for business.  

Staying safe hiring a taxiWe know that after finishing school for the summer, or wanting to take that gap year trip before University, a foreign holiday or extended trip is high on the agenda.There are also those  who travel globally as a way of life.   

Our experienced staff  know that, as well as being a ‘holiday of a lifetime’, inexperienced travellers also have to face many challenges to their personal safety, security and health.  Almost as importantly, family who remain behind face the daily concern of having their loved ones thousands of miles away, possibly for the first time. Equally,the more experienced traveller faces those same dangers and may have to do so in hostile environments,often facing acts of terrorism.

Safety while travelling for business.
At Safer Travels we have the solution.  We offer courses designed to give the  traveller all the information and knowledge available for a safer trip and a more relaxing experience for those left  at home or in the office.

Our training takes place primarily in the classroom environment with several practical elements as part of our educating process for safer travel.  The course is designed to be informative and therefore arms the traveller with the skills to avoid some of the pitfalls.  As importantly, the course is designed to be fun and during parts of the day we put the emphasis on ‘hands on’ training.

Your course will cover all phases of travel from pre-trip medical issues and documentation.  We will discuss arrival in the initial country of your trip together with transport and accommodation choices.  All aspects of personal safety relating to crime will be discussed together with looking after personal possessions.  You will be advised on what action to take in the event of a fire in your hotel or hostel.  In country and cross border travel will form one module as will a medical emergency due to illness or serious injury.

Finding the right hotelsOverall, we take you through the whole range of travelling issues which may be of concern to the traveller and their family.

Prior to any course commencing, we sit down with your school, University or Company to discuss all aspects of the course content.  At this stage we encourage  teachers and human resources team to have any specific concerns they may have about your travel addressed.