What does the course cover?

The course will take you from the preparation stage of your trip to actually being in your destination. We will cover documentation, arrival at your destination, travelling around the country, accommodation, security precautions, and useful medical training should the worst happen.

Is the course all PowerPoint?

Definitely not! We cover areas that require practical training. We aim to give you a wealth of advice and information, some of it with ‘hands on’ training.

Does it matter where I am travelling to?

No. The content we cover is relevant for all destinations. Many of the risks such as petty crime, hotel fires and medical emergencies apply wherever you are in the world. You will be able to apply your knowledge back home in the UK as well.

Do I really need training as I am a sensible, streetwise individual and can look after myself?

Each year millions of UK citizens travel abroad. To the rest of the world, many of these travellers are considered to be a target as relatively speaking they are Finding your way around a foreign town the right waywealthy individuals compared to their hosts. Even the traveller who has been abroad regularly becomes a victim of crime or circumstances. You can therefore imagine the ‘newer traveller’ will benefit hugely from the information Safer Travel provide to bridge the gap that the lack of experience leaves

I am travelling with a group so does this make a difference to my requirement for training?

No. Although you are travelling with a group, at many times you will be separated from the majority of your friends. For instance travelling via taxi, sleeping in a hotel room or when engaging in diverse activities. At these times you will possibly be alone and as vulnerable as any other traveller.